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Door Opens By Itself

Posted on January 14, 2016 at 10:35 AM

A woman in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, called me saying she came home and found her front door open.  When I arrived, I saw that the door had sagged and that the knob latch was barely engaging the strike plate on the jamb. All it took to open the door was a stiff, summer breeze.  Her door needed to be serviced.  I put longer screws into the top hinge and pulled the door back, and then I repositioned the strike.  I also sold her a deadbolt lock for the door.  

You can test your doors by closing them and jerking on them.  If they hold fast, you are in good shape.  Loook at the strikes in the jamb.  Do the deadboltlocks and strikes line up?  If not, you need to adjust them before the door sags more.  Call David at A-Best Locksmith for a fair, upfront quote if you need all of your doors and locks adjusted.