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Getting a Firm Quote From Your Locksmith

Posted on January 14, 2016 at 10:55 AM

I received a call from a business on South Rutherford Boulevard who wanted me to change his locks.  When I arrived, he told me he just paid a locksmith $375 to change two locks.  He also told me he found the locksmith in a paid ad on a search engine.  When the business owner called the number in the ad, the person on the phone would not give him a firm price for the service he needed.  When he got the bill from the locksmith, and said he thought it was too high, the locksmith threatnened him with a lawsuit.

If you call a locksmith and he refuses to give you a firm, upfront price for his services, do not request his services.  Why?  Because there is a chance you will be taken to the cleaners.

Why would a locksmith overcharge a customer?  Besides being greedy, a pay-per-click locksmith is someone who has been hired by a person who owns the pay-per-click ad.  He splits the cost of the lock job with the person, whoever he is, who owns the ad.  Many times, the pay-per-click ads have poorly-educated people working for them and, sometimes, they have to drive vast distances.  This isn't always true, however.

Be careful. Never sign an invoice before a job is done, and demand an upfront quote before any work is begun.  You'll be glad you did!

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