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Chances are good you'll get scammed if you hire a locksmith from a pay-per-click ad!

Posted on March 30, 2016 at 4:30 PM

If I were a criminal locksmith working Manchester, TN or Tullahoma, TN, and I wanted to use expensive pay-per-click ads as my sole avenue of income, here's what I would do.

I would advertise a ridiculously low service call price somewhere between $10 and $19, even if I had to pay $30 for the click. This way, I would get the click and the phone call from a prospective customer.

I would tell the customer that the service call was $19 and assure him the labor charge would be small. But I'd also tell him that I wouldn't know what the labor charge would be until I started working on his locks. I would make it my motto to never give a customer a firm, upfront price.

After the job was finished, I would tell the customer that his lock job was more involved than most, and that I not only had to rekey the lock, but I also had to replace it. I would find any and every way I could to double-charge the customer and sell him over-priced products he didn't need.

I would jack up the price of the bill by three hundred to four hundred percent over the standard, going rates charged by ethical, local locksmiths. If the customer showed any hesitancy in paying the bill, I would threaten to sue him. More than likely, he would back down and just pay the bill.

I would never use a pre-printed locksmith invoice that showed my address or phone number.

And this is how criminal locksmiths operate. They are never local, they are never honest, they never commit to an upfront price.


But they will always threaten to sue you when you ask why the bill is too high.


You will not find them in your Chamber of Commerce or as members of the Better Business Bureau. Some of them will not have business licenses, valid addresses, or be traceable to any location.


If I wanted to find a criminal locksmith, the first place I would look would be in the pay-per-click section of the search engines.  But that doesn't mean all pay-per-click locksmiths are engaging in criminal activity.  But still -- I wouldn't hire one!

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