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How Locksmith Scams Work in Tullahoma and Manchester, TN.

Posted on April 2, 2016 at 4:35 PM

If you are an individual looking for a locksmith, and if you do a search for "locksmith" in the search engines, the first things that usually pop up are paid locksmith ads.


(Note: People selling locksmith services pay a hefty price when you click on their ads.)


Most of the ads you see will advertise a low service call rate.


(Note: This is how you are hooked, because you are looking for a cheap locksmith.)


When you click on the ad, a person will tell you that, yes, the service call is minimal. But they will also tell you that there will be a small labor charge. What that charge will be, they refuse to say.

(Note: This is how they set you up for an over-charge.)


When the locksmith shows up and completes the work, he will hand you a bill for $375 when your real job was only an $85 job.


(Note: The locksmith is working for a locksmith reseller and he must share half the charges with the reseller. Do you really think such a locksmith can show up and do your work for $42.50?)


When you see the bill, you will protest. The locksmith will then tell you the bill must be paid or he will take you to court tomorrow. His reseller may even call you and threaten you.


(Note: Stand your ground. Offer the criminal $85 and don;t budge. He'll eventually take it and walk away.)


If this happens to you, get the locksmith's license plate number. Report the name of the locksmith company and all supporting documentation to your states Department of Commerce.

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