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Is There Fraudulent Locksmith Activity Going On in Manchester, TN, and Tullahoma, TN?

Posted on April 27, 2016 at 4:50 PM

It has been said to me by somebody in the click-fraud industry that locksmiths are the worst perpetrators of fraud known in the internet world.  Add to that the fact that the Tennessee Locksmith Licensing Program cannot enforce the laws for locksmiths at the present time, then you know you simply cannot go online and hire a locksmith without doing your homework.  (You do need references, don't you?)

There is a locksmith working in the Manchester, TN and Tullahoma, TN area that has been cited and fined by the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance for operating without a proper license.  So, the question is this - wouldn't you want to know why a person would not be licensed by the state?  And would you really want someone in your home who may not be elegible to have a license? I do not know the answer.  However, operating as a locksmith in Tennessee without a locksmth license is a crime.

Just think about it.  Why would the state refuse to license a person for locksmith work?  Can you think of anything?  Why would the state of Tennessee think an individual should not own locksmith tools? Has the person just never bothered with submitting a license application?  Is the persona  felon?  As a comsumer, I'd want to know.

Before you click on a locksmith advertising with a paid ad on Google or Yahoo, call the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance and ask if the locksmith you want to use is licensed.  Here is something you need to pay attention to.  Go to the Disciplinary Actions Reports for October, 2015 and look under Locksmith Licensing.




Respondent: (Go to Google Adwords and then to the Dept. of Commerce site.  See if this business has been licensed yet.)

Violation: Unlicensed activity

Action: $500 Civil Penalty

Fraudulent locksmith activity hurts everyone and accounts for almost 30% of all revenues lost by legitimate, law-abiding locksmiths.  Be sure that the locksmith you call does have a valid locksmith license and ask the locksmith to show it to you when he arrives.

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