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The Manchester, TN Fried Chicken Restaurant Manager Who Needed to be Fried - uh, ur, Fired!

Posted on December 14, 2018 at 11:10 AM

Got a call to a famous fried chicken place in Manchester, Tennessee, a few years ago. It was late, the girl, an associate manager, was pretty upset. She told me to come to the restaurant and open the office door. When I arrived, I asked her about the problem. She said her key wouldn't work. I tried the key myself, working the usual jiggly magic, and the lock would not unlock. I grabbed my long, under-the-door tool, grabbed the inside lever, and pulled. Nothing. The interior lever, which is always free, was jammed up, too. The key cylinder was drill-proof. The only thing left to do was to destroy the lever, and I did. It took me two minutes. The girl, with a look on fear in her eyes, told me to indicate on the bill what had happened to the lock, that the lock breakage was not her fault. I did.

A day later, I got a call from the manager. He told me I should not have destroyed the lock because his employees knew the drill. They were supposed to climb up into a ten-foot-high ceiling and drop down into the office. He told me he would never call me again and, "Oh, by the way, I fired the girl who called you."

I should have called the restaurant's regional manager, but I didn't. The manager of this famous fried chicken joint, by requiring his employees to crawl into a ceiling, was foolish and dangerous. Even his employees were afraid of him! As I said, this manager should have been fried - I mean, fired - on the spot, for putting his own lousy bonus ahead of the safety of his employees.

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