A-Best Locksmith

Serving Shelbyville, Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, 
and Manchester, TN since 1989!

A-Best Locksmith serves Murfreesboro and Coffee County.

Change Locks

A-Best Locksmith can change locks, and has offered this service since 1989. Not only does David change locks on homes, he also changes locks on churches and businesses.

David will change locks in Tullahoma, Manchester, Murfreesboro, and Shelbyville, Tennessee. Feel free to call for a free, no-hassle estimate. 615-308-6794.

If your front door handle is not working, or if its worn and unsightly, David will come and replace it! You can either pick it up from the hardware store, or text David a picture at 615-308-6794.

You don't always have to buy new locks if you need new keys. A-Best Locksmith can rebuild your old locks to new keys. However, if your locks are worn and ugly, David can replace them.