A-Best Locksmith

Serving Shelbyville, Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, 
and Manchester, TN since 1989!

A-Best Locksmith is a commercial locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Most of A-Best Locksmith's work is in Commercial locksmith service. David replaces closers, exit devices, Detex locks, high-security key systems, and stand-alone electronic locks made by Kaba Ilco and Alarm Lock.

David has also installed Intruder locks for county school systems. These locks are able to be locked and unlocked by a teacher from inside the classroom. In the event of an intruder, the teacher will not have to step out into the hall to lock the door.

David also installs locking locks on church building classrooms. These can be one of several types, but David recommends you use the entry function lock that can be locked with the simple push of a button. Below is a list of the things we can do for you! As always, call us for special requests.

1. Rekeying

2. Master-keying

3. Door hinges and alignment

4. Door closers

5. Three styles of restricted key systems for home, church, and business

6. Cabinet and drawer keys

7. Electronic keyless locks

8. Storefront, glass door locks, service and replace

9. Exit devices

10. Detex exit alarms