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Door Closers

If your door closers are leaking oil, slamming, closing slowly, and standing open, then you must address your door closer problem!

If your door slams, it could seriously hurt a customer. In fact, slamming storefront door closers can sever fingers or cause a concussion. If your door stays open, a strong wind can grab it and cause major damage to your door and frame and cost you over $1000 to repair. I've even had two clients whose glass front doors have been ripped away from the jambs and carried down the street! 

Did you also know that your door closer, if it is accessed by people with physical disabilities, can not exceed a five pound pull? And yet, if you have a five pound pull, the door might not be able to close properly against wind and draft. 

A-Best Locksmith has installed door closers for years. David can find a door closer to fit your needs. Call David for a free, no-hassle estimate.