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Do you want to install new locks or re-key your existing ones? If so, contact A-Best Locksmith in Normandy, Tennessee. We offer professional locksmith services to meet your needs, and we go just about anywhere in Middle Tennessee. Feel free to browse through our photo gallery to get an idea of the work we do. We'll be adding to our gallery regularly.

Alarm Lock Trilogy installations don't take long.
Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700 Weatherproof. Nothing beats this product for cost, durability, and ease-of-use! David has installed these on restaurants, factories, and in medical practices from Manchester to Murfreesboro. Call us for a no-hassle estimate. Yes, the DL2700 also comes with an optional wireless remote release! Click here to see the Trilogy page.
If you have frozen car locks, blow into them with a straw.
Frozen Car Door Locks? No, we don't make keys for cars. But, when the first freeze hits and your key will not go into the car door lock, DON'T FORCE IT! Instead, take a straw, insert it into the lock, and blow, blow, blow! Quickly insert your key and open the door. Then, go to your hardware store and get a non-oil, dry-type lube and flush the lock. Better yet, flush the lock before the freeze comes and displace t
Call A-Best Locksmith for your home lock upgrades.
Decorative Locks. Do you want a modern lock with an old look? We can install new locks over your older, obsolete door preps. We installed Emtek locks like this in a bed and breakfast for a famous person, whose name will remain anonymous. The customer picked 'em out, and we installed them. Remember: sometimes you have to paint and putty afterwards!On this door, it was not needed. Installed at historic Lynchburg!
We can rehang sagging doors with continuous hinges.
Rehanging Doors. If your employees are using rocks and broom handles to hold your door open, they will ruin the door and possibly the frame. We can rehang your door with a continuous hinge. Here's a door on a Murfreesboro Sonic. I have shimmed the door in place and am getting ready to install the hinge. This hinge is guaranteed for the life of the opening! Give us a call for a free estimate.
David at A-Best Locksmith sells and services door closers.
Door Closers. Do you need a door closer installed? If your door is slamming or the closer is leaking oil, you do. Rub your hand along the bottom of the closer. If it's wet, keep an eye on it. Better if you call us. This job was in Murfreesboro, TN.
We install deadbolts.
Deadbolts. Here's a deadbolt installation. We're all for do-it-yourselfers. But for this? No. We've seen too many pricey mahogany doors ruined by homeowners. All it takes is an incorrect measurement for you to have disaster. Call us. This was a Normandy job.
We sell panic bar hold-down products.
Panic Bars Hold-Open Devices. This panic bar hold-down device - strap - is installed to keep the bar unlocked and keep the bar from wearing out! This bar is on the courthouse in Fayetteville, TN.
A-Best Locksmith can rekey most houses in less than 30 minutes.
House Re-keying. Schlage deadbolts and knobs re-keyed on a rental property. These are the older Schlage locks, before they used those flimsy floating spring covers which fall off! We love the Schlage deadbolts. But their newer style levers and knobs wouldn't be our choice for my home. Sorry, guys!
If you need Best interchangeable cores, call A-Best Locksmith in Normandy, TN.
Interchangeable Best-style cores. A-Best provided locksmith services to all of the Arby's in Middle Tennessee and several in Southern Kentucky. We did the original IC set-ups in those stores. In this picture, David is pinning up BEST-style interchangeable cores for Murfreesboro Medical Clinic in Murfreesboro, TN.
Why have a keyed lock on the inside of your glass door! A thumb turn is better!
Interior Thumb Turn on Glass Doors. If your front glass door is an emergency exit, or if you're tired of using a key to lock and unlock the door from the inside, install a thumb turn. A thumb turn is also a great product to have in the event you must quickly lock the glass door in the event of an emergency. Call David for a quote - he's installed hundreds of these products!
We install classroom intruder locks.
Classroom Intruder Locks. Here's a picture of my lock caddy in action at a public school. We did the Intruder lock systems for all the schools in Cannon County, finishing up the large project in July of 2019. Intruder locks are designed so that the outside lock can be secured by key on the inside.

We service and install commercial panic devices.
Commercial Panic Bars. This is a Sargent exit device on a Manchester factory. Since the door is an exterior door, it is equipped with a dogging feature so that the bar can be set to remain open during the work day. However, interior doors that are fire-rated cannot have the dogging function. Those doors must always click and engage so that the door is held fast in the event of smoke or fire.
Need keys made for your desks and cabinets? Call David.
Lost desk Keys. If you lose the keys to your office desk or cabinet, take a close up picture of the lock. Text a picture to David at 615-308-6794. I should be able to cut the keys for you using this code. This type of code can be found on desks and cabinets. However, I have seen locks like these without any codes.
Exit paddles can be installed on most glass exit doors. Call A-Best Locksmith for a free estimate.
Exit Paddles for Glass Doors. If you have a glass door with an exit paddle like this, it should be serviced at least once per year. The springs loose power, the operating cam often comes loose in the door, which could keep the door from operating, and the whole thing gets loose. Besides that, it needs to be lubed. This is an Adams-Rite deadlatch.