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Locksmith services in Normandy,
Tennessee, and surrounding counties.


Do you want to install new locks or re-key your existing ones? If so, then contact A-Best Locksmith in Normandy, Tennessee. We offer professional locksmith services to meet your needs, and we go just about anywhere in Middle Tennessee. Feel free to browse through our photo gallery to get an idea of the work that we do. We'll be adding to gallery regularly.

Call A-Best Locksmith for your home upgrades.
Lynchburg locksmith service. Want a modern lock with an old look? We can install new locks over your older, obsolete door preps. David installed Emtek locks like this in a bed and breakfast for a famous person, who's name will rename anonymous. He picked 'em out, I installed them. Remember: sometimes you have to paint and putty afterwards!
Call A-Best Locksmith if your doors are sagging.
Murfreesboro locksmith service. If your employees are using rocks and broom handles to hold your door open, they will ruin the door and possibly the frame. we can rehang your door with a continuous hinge. Here's a door on a Murfreesboro Sonic. This hinge is guaranteed for he life of the opening! Give David a call for a free estimate.
A-Best Locksmith installs door closers.
Murfreesboro, TN locksmith service. Need a door closer installed? If your door is slamming or leaking oil, you do. Rub your hand along the bottom of the closer. If its wet, keep an eye on it.
Call A-Best Locksmith for your deadbolt installations.
Normandy locksmith service. Here's a deadbolt installation. We're all for do-it-yourselfers. But this? No. I've seen two many million dollar homes' mahogany doors ruined by homeowners. Call David.
A-Best Locksmith intalls and services panic and exit devices.
Locksmith services in Fayetteville, TN. Panic bar hold-down device installed to keep the bar unlocked. Keeps to bar from wearing out!
A-Best Locksmith re-keys house locks.
Murfreesboro, TN locksmith service. Schlage deadbolts and knobs re-keyed on a rental property. These are the older Schlage locks, before they used those flimsy floating spring covers which fall off! I love the Schlage deadbolts. But their newer style levers and knobs wouldn't be my choice for my home. Sorry, guys!
A-Best provided locksmith services to all of the Middle Tennessee Arby's and several in southern Kentucky. He did the original IC set ups in those stores. In this picture, he is pinning up BEST-style interchangeable cores for Murfreesboro Medical Clinic in Murfreesboro, TN.
David Calvin, way back, digging World War 2 Russian explosives (37 mm shells) out of the center of a dirt road in Ukraine with a team of ex-Soviet military guys. Most of these men fought in Afghanistan against the Mujaheddin. David has dug up relics from Peter the Great 1709 to WW2.