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If you're responsibilities include overseeing the security of your church or business, you might want to consider replacing your existing locks with a high-security product.  Why should you consider doing this?

  1. Key holders cannot go to Walmart or the hardware store and have keys made.
  2. Each key can be numbered and assigned.
  3. Reduce number of times you must rekey your property.

A-Best Locksmith has two types of restricted key systems from which to choose.  One system is a medium-level system that is a locksmith-only product sold only to locksmiths who pay for the right to purchase it.  The Mul-T-Lock system, shown above, is a top-level security system that uses a key assigned to A-Best Locksmith by Mul-T-Lock.

One solution for churches and businesses is to limit the doors through which people can enter, thus reducing the number of doors requiring such locks. Buildings with as many as twenty doors can often get by with as little as one to three doors using our systems.  All other locks can usually be key disabled from the outside.  

Call David at 615-308-6794 for a no-pressure question and answer session.  David has systems installed in Pinnacle Banks, Pillsbury, Yoplait, Title Max, Title Bux, Discount Tire, and churches area-wide.