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High-Security Keys

Mul-T-Lock Junior system by A-Best Locksmith.
If the keys to your church or business are being duplicated and handed out to everyone, consider going over to high-security keys. We have products to fit all budgets and can help you decide what doors need this product and those that do not.

We like the Mul-T-Lock system, which uses a pin-within-a-pin system. We carry everything from the Junior system, shown here, all the way up to the higher level products. The Junior system keys can be copied by any Mul-T-Lock dealer, whereas the higher systems are assigned to specific locksmiths.

We have keyed some of Tennessee's most noted factories and chain businesses with the Mul-T-Lock products. Twenty years later, those locks are still holding up.

These high-security locks can be master keyed, and one key blank can have two keys on it - a different key on each side! 

We also offer US Lock's RXO system and the MX system which utilize a standard-looking key blank.

When we install these locks on churches, we don't think people need to have every door keyed. One large church in Nashville had thirteen doors. We recommended the church select only the doors that were used the most. When we were done, we keyed seven doors. The doors that were not being used had their key cylinders disable so that the old keys would no longer work.

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