A locally-owned Tennessee business
that is BBB accredited


Check with the Better Business Bureau! They do all the hard work finding the real locksmiths! In Tennessee, you can also check with the Department of Commerce and Insurance. You can find locksmiths on the internet, but always check to see if they are operating legally.

If your locksmith cannot produce a Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Locksmith Licensing Program license, like you see here, he is operating outside of the law. Do not allow him to work on your locks. If a locksmith is not licensed, he probably isn't insured and properly trained. Also, if he is operating under the law, there must be a reason - like a prior conviction! Yep. It happens.

We believe the locksmith regulations in Tennessee are not needed and serve only to create more government jobs and increase the costs of doing business. Besides, the state of Tennessee isn't even able to stop the locksmith scams that run rampant in the state. The state also enriches continuing education companies who require locksmiths to learn things we simply do not need to know. We believe that you, as the customer, have the responsibility to check out the people you hire. If you get scammed, it is because you have not done your homework!

David Calvin, the owner of A-Best Locksmith, is one of the longest-serving locksmiths in the state of Tennessee, certainly the longest-tenured locksmith in Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, Shelbyville, and Manchester. He is licensed as an individual, and his business also has its own license. (Stupid to have two, right? Chalk that up to a state government that will take everything it can!)

A-Best Locksmith is also a Better Business Bureau Accredited business with reviews. Go to our homepage and click on the READ and SUBMIT A REVIEW BBB logo. Check out our references, too!
Here is a copy of our business license, a license issued by Bedford County. This license is issued every year.