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Lock Repair

When it comes to house locks, a broken lock is a broken lock. When a lock is broken, it isn't usually very practical to pay for lock repair. However, if the latch is bad, something we see quite often, we can replace that.

Sometimes, your keys don't work well in the lock. That could mean your keys and lock pins are worn and all you need to do is re-key the lock. Sometimes it means you need a little lubrication in the lock. Trust David. He says to try WD-40. Graphite? No. Also, if you shut your door and the latch does not retract to allow the door to seal, try WD-40. Yes, I like that product regardless of what you hear. It does the job.

If you own a business that uses exit devices, lock repair becomes a good possibility if the lock is not working properly. If you have door lever issues, if the problem is not with the latch or worn keys and pins, it's usually time to replace it. 

Doors with bad hinges and jambs can often be rehung using long continuous hinges. 

In general, it is understood that not every lock can be repaired. Instead, replacement is often the best choice for the long run. Call David at 615-308-6794 for a free, no-hassle estimate.