A-Best Locksmith

Serving Shelbyville, Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, 
and Manchester, TN since 1989!

A-Best Locksmith is licensed by Tennessee. LLP #110.

Locksmith Service

Did you know that your local locksmiths can't afford to pay for search engine paid click ads? That's right! I was just told by one click ad company that my price for one customer to click my ad was over $22.00! Even if I got the click, it didn't mean I got the sale. Add to that the fact that scam locksmith outfits purposely click our ads until our advertising money is all gone!

As of 11-28-2018, David's general service call is $75. The online scams will off you a $15 service call and some vague pricing to lure you in. They will seldom give you a firm quote. When your job is done, the scammers will present you with a bill that is often three to five times what it should be. If you don't pay a scam locksmith, he will threaten you with a lawsuit. David Calvin doesn't work this way. He can give you a pretty accurate estimate for your work over the phone.

A-Best Locksmith is a locksmith service that is truly local. David's company is licensed by the state of Tennessee Locksmith Licensing Program. His license numbers are #110 and #68. David works out of an unmarked Ford Transit Connect. Google hates that I do this, but an unmarked van allows you privacy and keeps criminals from breaking into my van to steal my tools.

As a locksmith service, A-Best Locksmith serves clients who have buildings only. David does not make keys for cars, nor does he open them.